Zahler Vitamin D3 5,000IU


For me vitamin D3 is one of those things that I just miss in my diet constantly and I have to replace it daily. Without it for me in my hair, skin and nails just look like someone has taken all of the life out of my body so replacing as I stated before is key in my diet. I have tried during fruits and vegetable but clearly that does not work with my system. I know I take other medication but this is another blog.

I got this Zahler Vitamin D3 for free for my fair and honest review of the vitamin.

Zahler Vitamin D3 5,000IU

Product Description

Vitamin D3 is officially known as cholecalciferol, nicknamed the “sunshine Vitamin,” Offering insight into one of the ways humans can get the vitamin. Aside from exposure to sunlight, you can also obtain Vitamin D3 by eating certain foods, such as fish, eggs, and milk fortified with the vitamin. However, many people do not have adequate levels of Vitamin D3 in their system and therefore require supplements. Vitamin D3 is a crucial nutrient for overall health. However even though the body is capable of manufacturing Vitamin D3 from the UVB rays of sunlight, millions of individuals are deficient in this life-sustaining bone building, and immune modulating vitamin. Zahler’s D3 provides supplemental doses of this critical vitamin, promoting healthier bodies.



Zoe Hopkins 2 Balance Bracelet Silicon Beaded – Blue Bracelet & White Bracelet Combo

At first I thought Yeah right these work but after a few days of having them on I noticed I could bend over in my golfer pose and did not get that little wobble thing in my head as I stood straight up. At time my balance thing is off because I have an Schwannomatosis, which is a tumors that commonly occur in individuals with NF2, and Schwannomatosis. It is a tumor that causes the balance to go off from time to time and leaves you a little off with balance and the bracelets are helping more with my walking and giving more easiness. When you have this condition you don’t notice it at first and then as you get older they begin to show up. So I will be using these more as I do Yoga for my balance now I understand why many of my poses where off and I could not do them then but now I am much better as I stated earlier. I will not say that they cure things but made me better and better is great for me. I will say that the bracelets let me know that I must slow down and remember that nothing is done in just a few minutes and I must take my time to get up from chairs, sitting or standing. Balance to all.

I got the Zoe Hopkins 2 Balance Bracelets for free for my fair and honest review of the bracelets.