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Bath Bombs

You get a set of 6 bath bomb that fizzled in the bath but give much need relieve from sore tired aching legs, back and the entire body into the bath. I think we shower so much and take the relaxing out of the act and now this should make you want to get back into bathing/soaking more. This is especially nice for me when I do my Spa day for me at home this just sets the mood and lets me relax but after I get out I then pat dry my skin and just see the deep moisturizers left deep into my body.

How I use my bath bombs is to place them into the water some 5 minutes before and let it fizz then once I am in the bathtub then I finish adding in the water. After using get out I notice that I don’t need as many essentials oils applied to my body because my skin feels, looks and is refreshed.

With using the bath bombs it does not matter which ones you can the results from She Butter, Epson salts that leave you with wonderful results.


Exfoliating Sponge

For removal of excess oils, dead skin cells that will give you the look of clean skin that glows. Konjac sponges have been heating in a bamboo oven to get the results that you see when delivered to your home. What is left behind is dirt removed, oil and your pores clean this process helps to stimulation of oxygen infusion, balance your pH give the proper about of moisture back into the skin?

The dimensions of the sponge are 1 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches and weigh around 0.5 ounces. This product can be used beauty care regularly, health & personal care, bath & showering you select which area of the body you want to focus on and to get the lasting results may I suggest that you do this on a routine schedule. Think of this as a tool to the beauty skin you will get the results comfort. For this the plant that native Asia have used in medicine to revive the health of the skin.

This Konjac exfoliating sponge is so gentle that it can be used on a baby in those gentle areas around the face and mouth.

For drying after using I have a hook on my mirror that has a hook and I place it there until the next time I use. For me my skin in the one thing that I take care of daily and several times a day to help with restoring the moisture back into my skin. Several times a year I may find a spot or two that gives me concern but I continue and it disappears for me.

Mayberry Health & Home gave me this Konjac sponge for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Essential Oil Sea Salts

Ladies many times we deny ourselves a treat when we don’t take that long bath to soak away the day.

This a complete at-home spa treatment in only 20 minutes of my time in the bath. Women, Moms, Grandmas all deserve that special time along with the smells of Lavender, Vanilla, Rose, Sugar, Geranium and Sandalwood, Strawberry all flavors will help to remove stress.img_4286

Once the water hits the bath bomb you will get the fizzing starting and just step to one of the special bath bombs and start your personal care to yourself.

My favorite so far is Rose just love the smells and like the way, my skin feels after using the Rose bath bombs. The smell takes me back to Rose that I would smell from one of my mother’s favorite lotions.

If there is a special day for like Mother’s Day, Birthday or just to say I Love you this is a great way to say it.

Disclosure: De La Mar gave me these bath bombs for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the bombs.

Bath Bombs Gift Set #Abask Organic

Abask Organic delivers to you 6 large bath fizzes for you at home Spa treatment to yourself. They package it well when delivered and it comes in a beautiful wrap set. Each Abask Organic bath bomb is individually wrap and you have two yellow, pink, green each Fizzies when it is placed in the water to make the bath special regardless img_4579of you being male or female it will make that bath time special for you and relax that tension right out of the body at least in my case. After you exit your bath you will love the way your skin feels.

: Abask Organic gave me this set for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product. This is my own results from using the Abask Organic bath bomb.

Comfort Products 60-3000 Manicure Pedicure System with 12 Attachments

Many times you look at your hands and I really need some help any help to make my human paws look like my hands. This is why I agree to purchase this and give it a review.812xoyxnorl-_sx522_

This is a multi system to me it hands a place for you to soak your nails, has the tools to do the nails for both feet and hands, then has a place to dry them when completing the task of doing your nails.

The machine itself has 2 speeds in both directions and the hand unit can go both right and left directions. The kit on top has many attachments 12 to be precise and lets you get close to the area of the hands that give you trouble. For me it is the area around the nail bed and it gets dry and hard,810pg2-U6HL._SL1500_.jpg I can get in close after soaking and remove these to give me the finish look from a salon to me. My second favor tools is the buffer it let’s me give the natural shine to my own hands, I like that. To me the cost of a bi-weekly manicure I cannot afford but I need to keep my appearances or I can place a clear coat of nail polish on top to see my hands are looking pretty good.

81jbrnpwovl-_sy550_Comfort Products gave me this Products 60-3000 Manicure Pedicure System with 12 Attachments for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

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Reventin Renew Neck & Decollete Tightening Gel 1 FL Oz

Many times products say that they work but this one started working for me in just three weeks and that to me is magic for my neck area.

My neck area was starting to show my age to me and that is not acceptable. VAIN is my middle name and I am glad that I can give this review on the Reventin Renew Neck & Decollete tightening gel. Constantly I am working on my face and around my eyes but never really had a cream just for this area of the body.

Reventin Renew has made it possible to get that more youthful look to neck regardless of your age. One of the things I like about this Reventin Renew Neck is that it is not greasy feeling after applying, I know for me that is a turn off but not with this Reventin Renew.


Inside Reventin Renew it has these one of my favorites Infuses Echinacea that helps with anti-aging, Grape Seed included is Green Tea which helps to reduce the signs of aging and from sun damage, freckles and age spots. Within the Reventin Renew are other plant-derived that helps with this process and helps to slow this down. So if you suffer with dry dull skins that does not have the fullness then you are a person who should consider this Reventin Renew Neck. Personally I am a “baby boomer” and with all of the products that are produce each year I am always looking for something that help in this process. Reventin Renew Neck only takes a little to go a lot of the way I still have a little bit of bottle left and will continue to use and reorder in the future.

Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand by Alessandro Yarosi. 8 Powerful Speeds and 20 Pulsating Patterns

The Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is a massage tool that you should have to remove those pains from stiff arms, legs, back of the neck or just any part of the body this feeling tight and needing relax those tight muscles. What comes inside of the box is simple and runs on a USB port or electric for charging. While charging it will not run must be removed from the power source to work. Inside of the box that you open you find the charger, cordless massage wand, and USB cable to give all the things IMG_4176needed to make the massager work correctly.

My purchase for this Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand was in white. The size of the Large Curved Cordless Massager Wand is 11 ½ in length by 2.1”, silicone grade, latex free, Body Safe medical silicone + ABS, has 8 speeds & 20 Pulsations for therapeutic massage. The Curve is shape of the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand fits right into the hands and has almost no sounds to it when the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is turned on.

This Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is a must have for anyone who can use a handheld device.

Alessandro Yarosi gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand.


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