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Reusable #Gel Pack

Summertime I love to wear sandals but after wearing them I swelled arch sometimes and this compression wraps it just the thing that brings me relieve. The wrap is (4.4” x 7.5”) can be reuse, frozen and heated with or in a microwaved. For me using the boiling water and letting them heat does let heat last longer in my opinion. After taking the wrap out be sure to dry and then place back into the towel or wrap. Wait around 4 minutes and then place this on the area that you want relief for and start the circulation for relief.

The cold wrap I would do 3 hours I know directions say 2 hours but I found the best to be 3 hours, then wrap in a town and place into the sleeve for relief depending upon your refrigerator.

This is no medications but starts circulation, helps to promote healing. Remember circulation is what starts the healing for the body.

So if you are a person who needs the form of help to your body then Bodyprox has made this product for your health as well.

This gel wrap can be used on many parts of the body like the arms, wrist, elbow, knees or even the shoulders.

For me this is a must have if you swell or have soreness. I use mine after I do some massaging to my feet and then I let this be the last thing I do to make sure the process works. If you are like me and don’t want medications in your body to try to fix this matter, then may I suggest this for help.

Bodyprox gave this cold & hot therapy wrap for free or discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product. These are my results from using this product.


Improving your health with Aussie

Well made and convince all in one with, non-toxic with the reusable bag and easy to assemble.

Many times from some of the medications or lack of movement I have difficulty with elimination and need help. I just hate pills and taking another one to correct this matter is nonsense to me personally. This is the help that you need and has been looking for in your life.

Aussie Health Company has made a classic idea and made it better with the clamp that is plastic and you have two choices with the clip small or larger one depending upon the pressure from the water above. To the design is flawless to me but what I truly like it the plastic tip at the bottom it slides in easily with no problem. For me, I clean up my enema bag and ends with apple cider vinegar and water and let them sit in water. This helps to relieve my pains and keeping my internal workings, working just right. I suggest that you get on a schedule to help with your own concerns but this is a must have for better health in my humble opinion. Better health is here.

Aussie Health Company gave me this enema bag kit for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

AKStore 10 Speed Mini Point Massager

Often we don’t think anything small could or would do a job of a large device but looks are deceiving.IMG_4128

This I use for my face to keep my muscles around my face, neck and shoulders loose when typing. A lot of times I hunch my shoulder when pains or tightness starts for me. Simple use for a few minutes and just let it sit on the spot when the pain is coming from and let this 10 Speed Mini point massager do the job of relieving the tightness and pains that occur from typing or just sitting. Many times just going to the area of pain and getting the blood moving will help and I don’t like taking pain meds at all but with this it helps.

AKStore gave me this 10 Speed Mini Point massager for free or at a discounted price for a fair an unbiased review of the massager.

Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand by Alessandro Yarosi. 8 Powerful Speeds and 20 Pulsating Patterns

The Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is a massage tool that you should have to remove those pains from stiff arms, legs, back of the neck or just any part of the body this feeling tight and needing relax those tight muscles. What comes inside of the box is simple and runs on a USB port or electric for charging. While charging it will not run must be removed from the power source to work. Inside of the box that you open you find the charger, cordless massage wand, and USB cable to give all the things IMG_4176needed to make the massager work correctly.

My purchase for this Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand was in white. The size of the Large Curved Cordless Massager Wand is 11 ½ in length by 2.1”, silicone grade, latex free, Body Safe medical silicone + ABS, has 8 speeds & 20 Pulsations for therapeutic massage. The Curve is shape of the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand fits right into the hands and has almost no sounds to it when the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is turned on.

This Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is a must have for anyone who can use a handheld device.

Alessandro Yarosi gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand.


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Dr. Rogo Orthopedic Gel Arch Support Insoles -Correct Flat Feet – Relieves Pain & Reduces Pressure

If you are flatfooted like I am and have flatfeet, then you will like these a lot. I like the fact that once you place them into any shoes it stays in place while supporting the entire foot.

The Dr. Rogo arch supports come delivered to your home in a plastic bag with a Ziploc top to keep the gel supports supports safe and what you get inside is relief is the only way I can describe the feeling. My right leg is hurting from damage but I still need to support my arch and my weight is the other problem so this support from the orthopedic gel support is very important when my weight moves. These are comfortable when wearing them I believe it is gel inside of the orthopedic support that makes that easier to wear.

Dr Rogo gave me these orthopedic gel arch support insoles for free or at a discounted price fair and unbiased review of the orthopedic gel arch supports insoles. This is my own personal experience with this product.

Dr Rogo Orthopedic Arch Support with Comfort Gel -Cushions Plantar Fasciitis Wrap-Compression Therapy

We are getting ready for my grandson first birthday my feet need support to handle the job.

These are simple but do a fabulous job relieving the pains in my feet. My body type is Curvvy and I am working on losing more weight but until then my feet and my arches need to have help and be supported.

Inside of the pad that have gel inside of the and have a form padding for the help in supporting your arches. They slip with the padding and go around the arches to make sure that you get support when wearing sandals or when you are wearing a shoe that does not have the correct support. I like these a lot and I wear them sometimes when I walk around the house barefooted.

They work folks that is all that I say and if you are not happy with them after purchasing just return them for your money back.

Disclosure: Dr Rogo gave me these arch support with comfort gel for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

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Arnica Pain Relief Cream

I had a tender knee when I started using this cream and at first I doubt that this would work but I was incorrect. My right knee is suffering from a Meniscus tear in my knew and I am happy to say that I am glad this cream was developing. At first when it goes on you don’t feel much but just wait a minute and you will the cream start it fast relief of your pain. Since using the cream and resting my legs more I am see a change in the right knee. I see the swelling going down and my ability to be able to move again by bending the knee. If you suffer from stiffness or soreness in the joints may I suggest this cream to you for some relief, yes we help time-to-time and this one the true relief that I have gotten.

When you apply make sure that you wash your hands after applying this to the area that needs relieve. I can say that this works and you only need a little of this cream to go a long way in relief.

HerbalHEALING gave me this cream for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the cream. This is my true relief that I got from this cream and still getting. I will be reordering in the future.