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Wide Brim Beach Sun

Summertime is HOT and SUNNY and running from the rays of the Sun in face is what I do. For anyone like me then you need this wide brim sun visor. I like it because with my sunglasses I can protect my face and when I get a little hot on top I can place a wet towel to keep me cooler. That is my Summertime recipe for being outside and using the sun visor hat. IMG_4384.JPGI like it because of the wide-brimmed with the large band it allows all sweating is caught with the brim and the color to me helps with the heat and I enjoy the outside. This Simplicity Women’s SPF 50+ Protection Wide Brim Beach Sun Visor Hat, Beigel has many colors for any outfit that you might want to wear so choose your color and order this wonderful accent.

PDS Online gave me this Simplicity Women’s SPF 50+ UV Protection Wide Brim Beach Sun Visor Hat for free or at discounted price for fair and unbiased review of the product