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Wide Brim Beach Sun

Summertime is HOT and SUNNY and running from the rays of the Sun in face is what I do. For anyone like me then you need this wide brim sun visor. I like it because with my sunglasses I can protect my face and when I get a little hot on top I can place a wet towel to keep me cooler. That is my Summertime recipe for being outside and using the sun visor hat. IMG_4384.JPGI like it because of the wide-brimmed with the large band it allows all sweating is caught with the brim and the color to me helps with the heat and I enjoy the outside. This Simplicity Women’s SPF 50+ Protection Wide Brim Beach Sun Visor Hat, Beigel has many colors for any outfit that you might want to wear so choose your color and order this wonderful accent.

PDS Online gave me this Simplicity Women’s SPF 50+ UV Protection Wide Brim Beach Sun Visor Hat for free or at discounted price for fair and unbiased review of the product


Compression Socks

For me, health is key in doing my daily life and I believe that the more I move the better I feel and get. Brinx sleeves are made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex and give you the correct of support to help in maintaining the circulation for you heal from injury.91cvwkau9l-_sl1500_

Brinx calf sleeves are thickest in the calf area for more support. Sizing is not a problem with the Brinx sleeve they go from 12” to 15” and up so many sizes to help for all.

If you are a weekend athlete or just at home wanting more support, then you have reached the seller and product together.91hTKw6owsL._SL1500_.jpg

For me personally, I use calf compression sleeves daily once I start my day. I usually place them on in the morning and don’t remove until evening. For me swelling is what I struggle with and need help on, the sleeves compress my legs allowing my swelling to slight and at other times giving support and I do my exercise to help with my balance. I find that when the calf compression sleeves are on I see the great improvement with my legs.

Brinx Athletics gave me these calf compression sleeves for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Prolight Jamaican Polarized Sports Sunglasses with Carrying Case#review#ad

Protection to the eyes is important necessary when going outdoors. You need to protect your eyes from the sun and wind but what I think is most important is look good. To me, a great pair of sunshade just set the mood before hitting the road to work or just taking a walk.img_5409

The Prolight Jamaican Polarized Sport Sunglasses are just the last essential that you need to make the outfit and especially the mood. The Prolight Jamaican protects you from UV rays and lets you see better when the sunshine is glaring down on you on those hot summer day or late and early fall days. You have felt the sunshine and just hit the eyes and you are running back into the house to find your sunglasses.

The Prolight Jamaican Polarized Sports Sunglasses fit securely to the fact without feeling tight. Can be worn be either male or female. According to the information, the reason they feel so good is the ergonomic design which translated curve to the face better. The frame of the Prolight Jamaican Polarized Sports Sunglasses is Onyx frame; I just know that that I like the mirrored lenses.

The Prolight Jamaican Polarized Sports Sunglasses are lifetime guaranteed and you have nothing to lose but having the sunshine light directly in your eyes.


iACTIVEGO Running Belt: (2) Leak-Free Hydration Bottles, Adjustable Belt


 PLUS-SIZE POCKET: Holds phones, keys, credit cards and more – Measures 7.75″ horizontal – 4.00″ vertical – 8.50″ diagonal.

ADJUSTABLE BELT: Fit 21″ to 44.50″ – Cross-stitch web pattern – Tough lasting design – no stretching

NO-BOUNCE TECHNOLOGY: Proprietary rubber grips and NON-elastic locking belt makes it stay in place!

ASY SLIDE BOTTLE POCKETS: Provides one-hand operation while moving – Secured by elastic pull cords

(2) XL 9 OUNCE NO-LEAK, BPA-FREE BOTTLES: You get 18 ounces of liquid hydration that won’t drip out as you run – Ideal for 5k 10k races


Review of iACTIVEGO Running Belt: (2) Leak-Free Hydration Bottles, Adjustable Belt, X-Large Pocket Fits All Smartphones: iPhone 6s 6 5s 5c Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge S5 S4 Note, Walk Run Ride Hike Water Sports 5K

iACTIVEGO may I just say to you “THANK YOU” for making a running belt that does fit a size large than medium and one that will fit a XL person actually. This belt does not fit me if I could find another attachment it fits me with expanding the belt with room left over and works for me to use while I am on my treadmill. I feel balanced with the on and it can hold the cellphone in the sleeve and I can use my headset while on it.

So anyone looking for a belt that will fit and does a variety of job then let me suggest this one by iACTIVEGO.

I got the iACTIVEGO Belt for free for a fair and honest review of the belt.