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Reusable #Gel Pack

Summertime I love to wear sandals but after wearing them I swelled arch sometimes and this compression wraps it just the thing that brings me relieve. The wrap is (4.4” x 7.5”) can be reuse, frozen and heated with or in a microwaved. For me using the boiling water and letting them heat does let heat last longer in my opinion. After taking the wrap out be sure to dry and then place back into the towel or wrap. Wait around 4 minutes and then place this on the area that you want relief for and start the circulation for relief.

The cold wrap I would do 3 hours I know directions say 2 hours but I found the best to be 3 hours, then wrap in a town and place into the sleeve for relief depending upon your refrigerator.

This is no medications but starts circulation, helps to promote healing. Remember circulation is what starts the healing for the body.

So if you are a person who needs the form of help to your body then Bodyprox has made this product for your health as well.

This gel wrap can be used on many parts of the body like the arms, wrist, elbow, knees or even the shoulders.

For me this is a must have if you swell or have soreness. I use mine after I do some massaging to my feet and then I let this be the last thing I do to make sure the process works. If you are like me and don’t want medications in your body to try to fix this matter, then may I suggest this for help.

Bodyprox gave this cold & hot therapy wrap for free or discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product. These are my results from using this product.


Santamedical 8 4″ X 2″ Re-Usable Tan Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel

Review of Santamedical 8 4″ X 2″ Re-Usable Tan Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel Review + Giveaway

If you have been a follower of mine you know that I suffer from torn meniscus and lower back trouble from previous car accidents and I suffer a lot with little relief from pain meds and stretching. My tens unit is my best friend for me in getting relief from these areas that ache from the whether or just plain living.

Let me just say that the tens unit is great but finding an electrode pads that stick and work make the tens work to it’s full capacity. For me this is a lifesaver and relieves the pain with just in a few minutes of using the machine. With the relief from the pain the pre-gelled electrodes comes the down size of the price of the electrodes and I reuse them daily. I wash them in warm water and place them on a drying towel until dry after that I can usually use the electrode pads 6 times or more until they will not stick at all and then of course I get a new set of pads and use them.

I got these for free from Santamedical for a fair and honest review.



Santamedical 8 4″ X 2″ Re-Usable Tan Carbon Electrode Pads with Premium Gel Review + Giveaway


About the Product


5 Packs of 2 Electrode pads, Total of 10 (2.95 x 1.77 inches)

Non Irritating to Skin, Flexible for Maximum Charge Delivery and Comfort

Use for Massager, TENS, IF, Muscle Stimulator requiring Snap-On Electrodes

Flexible solid-carbon electrode pad for maximum charge delivery and comfort

Re-useable Gel, Cloth backing for comfort and flexibility