Artizen #Caraway oil

Every time I get the opportunity I get these fine oils from this company. First the size of the bottle a full 1 Fl. Oz. (30ml), then the cost of the bottle which is $10.00 dollars I find that a real bargain.


As a beginner in studying oils, I find it interesting all of the health benefits of essential oils.

As a beginner in studying oils, I find it interesting all of the health benefits of essential oils.

If want quantity for a fair price think about making a purchase of this fine oil.




Bath Bombs

You get a set of 6 bath bomb that fizzled in the bath but give much need relieve from sore tired aching legs, back and the entire body into the bath. I think we shower so much and take the relaxing out of the act and now this should make you want to get back into bathing/soaking more. This is especially nice for me when I do my Spa day for me at home this just sets the mood and lets me relax but after I get out I then pat dry my skin and just see the deep moisturizers left deep into my body.

How I use my bath bombs is to place them into the water some 5 minutes before and let it fizz then once I am in the bathtub then I finish adding in the water. After using get out I notice that I don’t need as many essentials oils applied to my body because my skin feels, looks and is refreshed.

With using the bath bombs it does not matter which ones you can the results from She Butter, Epson salts that leave you with wonderful results.

#Utimi Silicone


Utimi has 7 vibration modes with multiple speed to choose your own level of pleasure.

Comes discreetly wrap for your privacy. Utimi has made a waterproof vibrator that is S-shape for better holding in the hands, it way 4.6 ounces, color is purple and comes that you may charge by USB cable. Instruction is simple and it has a standby mode, long press switch, short press, short press rewind these are just a few of the speeds on this Utimi silicone vibrator.

Utimi silicone vibrator 7 speed for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of product

Improving your health with Aussie

Well made and convince all in one with, non-toxic with the reusable bag and easy to assemble.

Many times from some of the medications or lack of movement I have difficulty with elimination and need help. I just hate pills and taking another one to correct this matter is nonsense to me personally. This is the help that you need and has been looking for in your life.

Aussie Health Company has made a classic idea and made it better with the clamp that is plastic and you have two choices with the clip small or larger one depending upon the pressure from the water above. To the design is flawless to me but what I truly like it the plastic tip at the bottom it slides in easily with no problem. For me, I clean up my enema bag and ends with apple cider vinegar and water and let them sit in water. This helps to relieve my pains and keeping my internal workings, working just right. I suggest that you get on a schedule to help with your own concerns but this is a must have for better health in my humble opinion. Better health is here.

Aussie Health Company gave me this enema bag kit for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Leiwo Women’s Lady Umbrella

Leiwo has a nice wallet and works well for a younger person in my opinion. Inside of the wallet is has a lot of space and strap that comes with is nice as well. Style, design, and color are blended together with the hardcover and the inside holds around 9 cards on the inside.

Will hold a phone if it is out of the case or a checkbook purse you make the choice, this closes well and the color I got was Hot Pink.

Feililongliu gave me this Lady Umbrella Hard Leather Cardholder wallet for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review for the product.

Trigger Point Massager



This works for me! When I first got it I thought this will not do a thing for my pain, WRONG. For me, I have used creams and soaking in essential oils to get relieved but with this deep tissue pressure and rub it down my arm just a few times I thought I would cry from the first downward motion but as I felt the pains being less and less each time I continue.

The first time using it you feel the pain the next time just some tenderness in the spots. For me, this helped most when I used it after soaking in the bathtub and then using it. You will see and mainly feel the difference after a few uses. Remember this is working out those knots what cause pain and making them smaller for more circulation to happen then it relieves the pains.

This deep tissue pressure trigger point massager will help with any part of the body with ease.

Disclosure: MEILI gave me this deep tissue pressure trigger point massager for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Hipster Men’s Comfort Shoe

Men’s sneakers don’t come like ladies so far my son I ordered a half size larger for them to fit him, I was correct and they fit just as we expected them to fit. They are stylish and can be dressed down with jeans or shorts to give a man a classic look of being in the stylish. The color I purchased for my son was brown and this color can go with many outfits for a man.

For me, I gave this 5 stars for style, color, and qualities of the shoe.

Disclosure: Bells & Whistles gave me this pair of shoes for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the shoes.

Ultra Sharp Compact Premium

When I am in the kitchen cooking all of the tools that I need should be within my reach and I just love these scissors for cutting chicken, fish or any other kinds of meats in the kitchen. For me, my tools are an extension of myself and should help me to be me when cooking.IMG_4441.JPG

We made a stir fry and I used my scissors to cut up the vegetables and fry them, it was nice having a pair of scissors that were sharp enough to do the job when cooking. Later we took chicken breast and cut them into tenders for frying these scissors did a nice job and or the family favorite to go to now.  They are lightweight in your hands and they are described as compact and I will agree to that statement about the Bakewell shears. Must hide my scissors from my family.

Bakewell gives a 100% money guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the UltraSharp Compact Premium Quality Kitchen Shears.

Bakewell gave me these scissors for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the scissors.


Diffuser Ultrasonic #Aromatheraphy

The only way I can explain the true love that I have of a Diffuser is to say it set the mood in the room that it is placed with the right essential oils. I have this one in my bedroom where I sleep with a few Lavender drops of oil and let the magic began. For me, the real treat is after I bath and get out of the tub. By placing a few drop in the Diffuser and letting the fragrances fill the room. Then I start with winding down completely, don’t bother me this is my time for me where I can relax my mind, body, and spirit before going to bed. Then I get in the bed and let smell the air and just melt to sleep. Yes, for me getting the great night of sleeping is what I try to achieve each night. 61vs68uwqdl-_sx522_

In the morning when I rise most of the time the Diffuser has to turn itself off and now time to refill for another great day of fragrances to help with my day. This is a must have if you are a lover of essential oils and want this all over your house. You can choose how many drops of oil you want to get the smell you like. To me, this is the way to relax and enjoy my day or nights. I usually set my Diffuser on low and it lasts a while. For refilling usually, happen every 8 hours or so. Don’t worry about this Diffuser running it has a detector inside that lets it know when to shut off.

The Airomatik Diffuser has seven light settings and it is shaped like a cube for me I chose the middle setting and press the button for the Diffuser to start. It started right away with no problems and I choose the yellow color for my first use. You can choose which colors or setting for the mist to come out fast or slow, you can choose not to have any colors but just the mist as well. Also inside is instruction on how to use the Diffuser for care and overall use. With Diffuser, I believe it can go with and house décor.

Airomatik gave me this Diffuser for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the Diffuser.