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Wonderful Fragrances

IMG_6130stay for many forms of medications which are key for my lifestyle. So of my research has said that it will help with alignments such as sore throats and many forms of depression.  Also, it has been stated that it helps with other conditions like female alignments.

Nothing like great smells to keep you on track with life.


As a beginner in studying oils, I find it interesting all of the health benefits of essential oils.




If want quantity for a fair price think about making a purchase of this fine oil.




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Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand by Alessandro Yarosi. 8 Powerful Speeds and 20 Pulsating Patterns

The Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is a massage tool that you should have to remove those pains from stiff arms, legs, back of the neck or just any part of the body this feeling tight and needing relax those tight muscles. What comes inside of the box is simple and runs on a USB port or electric for charging. While charging it will not run must be removed from the power source to work. Inside of the box that you open you find the charger, cordless massage wand, and USB cable to give all the things IMG_4176needed to make the massager work correctly.

My purchase for this Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand was in white. The size of the Large Curved Cordless Massager Wand is 11 ½ in length by 2.1”, silicone grade, latex free, Body Safe medical silicone + ABS, has 8 speeds & 20 Pulsations for therapeutic massage. The Curve is shape of the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand fits right into the hands and has almost no sounds to it when the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is turned on.

This Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand is a must have for anyone who can use a handheld device.

Alessandro Yarosi gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the Large Curved Cordless Massage Wand.


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