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Reusable #Gel Pack

Summertime I love to wear sandals but after wearing them I swelled arch sometimes and this compression wraps it just the thing that brings me relieve. The wrap is (4.4” x 7.5”) can be reuse, frozen and heated with or in a microwaved. For me using the boiling water and letting them heat does let heat last longer in my opinion. After taking the wrap out be sure to dry and then place back into the towel or wrap. Wait around 4 minutes and then place this on the area that you want relief for and start the circulation for relief.

The cold wrap I would do 3 hours I know directions say 2 hours but I found the best to be 3 hours, then wrap in a town and place into the sleeve for relief depending upon your refrigerator.

This is no medications but starts circulation, helps to promote healing. Remember circulation is what starts the healing for the body.

So if you are a person who needs the form of help to your body then Bodyprox has made this product for your health as well.

This gel wrap can be used on many parts of the body like the arms, wrist, elbow, knees or even the shoulders.

For me this is a must have if you swell or have soreness. I use mine after I do some massaging to my feet and then I let this be the last thing I do to make sure the process works. If you are like me and don’t want medications in your body to try to fix this matter, then may I suggest this for help.

Bodyprox gave this cold & hot therapy wrap for free or discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product. These are my results from using this product.


Indoor Humidity and Temperature Monitor

MC-POWER has a well made Indoor Humidity and Temperature Monitor it gives a nice LCD screen for me to

see without my glasses, I like that a lot.

For this review I place the Indoor Humidity and Temperature Monitor in several places around my house to see if the reading would be correct and for me I must say things were great with the readings. I placed upstairs in my hallway to see what the reading were and I have an old to see this one was right on point.  Then I went to the basement and left it overnight and the results were great as well. 61t-uxfbixl-_sl1000_Then we placed it on the wall that goes outside to see how it would change and with that we saw the changes as we came in and out. So the results for us are in and things look great. This to me is a well made monitor.

Disclaimer: MC-POWER gave me this Indoor Humidity and temperature Monitor for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

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