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SIMPLORE Women’s Tight Cotton Yoga Pants and Tank Tops

Since I am a curvy woman I had to get my daughter in-law to try these and she wears a medium in yoga pants and these were a little small on her. She said a large and they would fit better they fit but tighter than she would wear

out of the house.

The SIMPLORE women’s tight cotton yoga pants are 8% polyester, 28% cotton and 64% nylon. These wash well and return to shape after washing, color did not fade when washing. The move well when you wear them and they did not crawl up the legs when moving. The are well made and have a deep top band on top, breathable and moveable.IMG_4217.JPG

SIMPLORE gave me these Women’s tight Cotton Yoga Pants for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

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Wise Paw Dog Doorbell for Potty Training, Housetraining

Wise Paw Dog Doorbell for Potty Training, Housetraining / Housebreaking & Poop Bags Dispenser & Door Bells Instructional Guide & 5 Doggie Training EBooks, Suit All Size Dogs


TIRED OF BARKING? DOOR SCRATCHING? Frustrated with your dog training behavior attempts at housetraining? Sadly, dogs can’t communicate ve


rbally to tell us when they need to go out. We have the perfect solution for you with this highly efficient doggie doorbell from Wise Paw.

FREE BONUS DOG POOP BAGS DISPENAER – As a bonus gift, we have included a waste bag dispenser with the doggie doorbell! It is highly useful during housebreaking, so all you need to do is attach it to the device, and take it out every time your dog rings the bell to be let out. They can do their business in the bag, and you can dispose of it conveniently.

STEP-BY-STEP TRAINING GUIDE – Included as well as 5 Extra EBooks about dog training basics – Our Quick & Easy potty training guide has 95% success rate.

UNIQUE HANDLE RIVET – Our handle rivet is adjustable and can be tightened on any size of doorknob or hook, to make sure your puppy won’t take it off

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS – Steer clear from cheap plastic bells, as they are ineffective for housetraining. Because you won’t hear them from the next room. The bells and ribbon of Wise Paw is specially constructed according to a certain standards of sound quality and durability. A specific blend of metals is used for manufacturing these jingle bells with thick walls that emit a distinct, clear sound, and top quality chew resistant fabric ribbon. So rest assured you won’t need a replacement anytime soon.



Review of Wise Paw Dog Doorbell for Potty Training, Housetraining / Housebreaking & Poop Bags Dispenser & Door Bells Instructional Guide & 5 Doggie Training EBooks, Suit All Size Dogs


We just move and getting my pets trained to a new location is JOB you see I three Labs and they are the babies of the household. This has been such a help to this training started at the new house.

When I got it all I could do was hope this would work and work well.

At the new house I simply place the bells on the door that leads to the outside and it seem that nature just took over from there. My middle dog just went up to the door that first night in the house and took her nose to giggle the bells. At first I was not sure it I hear the bells but I did as I was unpacking. I went down and she was sitting at the door waiting for me to open it.

I know for every dog and dog owner it will not be that simple.

And since the move we have a common area and the poop bags help when I am walking them around the area.