Shaper and stronger

41cC3U6-QCL._AC_UL400_SR320,400_When I was a young child growing up I remember my Mom wearing an outfit something like this when she was working. For me this is one of the best things that I can say a person has in their collection to wear daily.

Since my use in wearing this outfit I found that my neck and shoulders are not hurting me as much and my back is middle part of my back is feeling stronger when I bend over. If you have never suffer with your back, then you will not understand having your core feel tight and stronger. This is one of the best things that I have had on my body to help support and strength me in my daily sitting and getting up and down. Let me just say that I am noticing the difference in my mid-section. Weight loss is still my issue but this helping with my mid-section. This is tight but not uncomfortably tight just when you wear it for a few hours I would suggest removing it for a few hours and then placing back on or until you retire for the evening. I wear my around 6 hours a day but for a few days I did do 7 hours and just like the results that I am seeing around my stomach. I got m Waist Trainer in a X-Large and it works for my waist with a little room.

Blogory gave me this Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Tummy Trimmer for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.


Wide Brim Beach Sun

Summertime is HOT and SUNNY and running from the rays of the Sun in face is what I do. For anyone like me then you need this wide brim sun visor. I like it because with my sunglasses I can protect my face and when I get a little hot on top I can place a wet towel to keep me cooler. That is my Summertime recipe for being outside and using the sun visor hat. IMG_4384.JPGI like it because of the wide-brimmed with the large band it allows all sweating is caught with the brim and the color to me helps with the heat and I enjoy the outside. This Simplicity Women’s SPF 50+ Protection Wide Brim Beach Sun Visor Hat, Beigel has many colors for any outfit that you might want to wear so choose your color and order this wonderful accent.

PDS Online gave me this Simplicity Women’s SPF 50+ UV Protection Wide Brim Beach Sun Visor Hat for free or at discounted price for fair and unbiased review of the product