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Bath Bombs

You get a set of 6 bath bomb that fizzled in the bath but give much need relieve from sore tired aching legs, back and the entire body into the bath. I think we shower so much and take the relaxing out of the act and now this should make you want to get back into bathing/soaking more. This is especially nice for me when I do my Spa day for me at home this just sets the mood and lets me relax but after I get out I then pat dry my skin and just see the deep moisturizers left deep into my body.

How I use my bath bombs is to place them into the water some 5 minutes before and let it fizz then once I am in the bathtub then I finish adding in the water. After using get out I notice that I don’t need as many essentials oils applied to my body because my skin feels, looks and is refreshed.

With using the bath bombs it does not matter which ones you can the results from She Butter, Epson salts that leave you with wonderful results.


Essential Oil Sea Salts

Ladies many times we deny ourselves a treat when we don’t take that long bath to soak away the day.

This a complete at-home spa treatment in only 20 minutes of my time in the bath. Women, Moms, Grandmas all deserve that special time along with the smells of Lavender, Vanilla, Rose, Sugar, Geranium and Sandalwood, Strawberry all flavors will help to remove stress.img_4286

Once the water hits the bath bomb you will get the fizzing starting and just step to one of the special bath bombs and start your personal care to yourself.

My favorite so far is Rose just love the smells and like the way, my skin feels after using the Rose bath bombs. The smell takes me back to Rose that I would smell from one of my mother’s favorite lotions.

If there is a special day for like Mother’s Day, Birthday or just to say I Love you this is a great way to say it.

Disclosure: De La Mar gave me these bath bombs for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the bombs.

Bath Mat – Non Slip Mats for Tub & Shower Bathroom Safety

Many times after showering I worry about my feet being lock in and me not slipping and failing. Keeping my feet well planted to the ground as I is a must and now much safer with the Luxury Anti Slip Suction Bath Mat. You will like the fact this stays in place after leaving in the bathtub.

The size of this one is great to me it is 15.7” x 27.5” which covers the completed bottom part of the bathtub. The color I got my bathtub mat in is “BLUE” which is more of an aqua color to me personally and goes with my show curtain as well as the new paint in the bathroom. You will also like the way it feels below the feet soft, easy grip for your feet nothing like feel safe in the shower. I also leave my bathtub mat in when they place in my bath chair and it does not let the chair slip or move. Cleaning this mat is simple I usually twice a week spray a solution of apple cider vinegar on it and let is sit for several minutes the rinse off and lay over the tub for drying until next use.

Disclosure: Brooklyn Ice Company gave me this bathtub mat for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

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