Crawling Safety

Love these and my grandson did not seem to be alright with wearing them for the day. Once I got them on my “daredevil Bordeaux” he was off and crawling.

These go on easy just slip around the child’s legs or pants they are ready to travel.  These come with three in the package one blue (boys’) pink (girls) yellow neutral which means either sex is okay with wearing the pads. My grandson will be a year old this month and he is doing some walking but mainly crawling and I mean all over the place.

The pads are a nice idea for crawling children and they stay in place most of the time but sometimes you just pick up the child and re-adjust them back in place for your child and they wash so well, the pads I had got dirty but they clean really well, I just toss them in a washed them in the Dreft that we use for this clothes and them came out clean.

Kabalu gave me these 3 pairs of breathable elastic knee pads for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the pads.



Like any Grandmother I order this for my grandchild and he looks so adorable and cute. Like the feel of the product because it is 100% cotton and wash so well I did two washes before I did this review and things were fine when I remove it from the drier.

When his mother bathe him that night it was big but he was so cute in the robe, I know it is not as expensive as Prince Harry but he did look as cute in the Baby Towel.

My grandson is 14 months so he will get plenty of wear out of this Baby Towel. I like the fact this Baby Towel covers the entire body of the child when they get out of the bathtub and the air hits them around the shoulders and it is cold so this is must have when you have an active child and towels just are for them at the moment.

Baby Towel we use on him once he’s out of the bathtub and then into the room and it works, he is now getting accustom to have the robe place on his body and he is placing his arms in like they show him.

Disclaimer: Baby Towel gave me this Baby Towel for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

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Fiream Baby Boys’ Short-Sleeved Cotton Bodysuit

This is a very nice on this children’s pattern onesie for a young child especially for a boy.

This is made of 100% Cotton and does snap close at the bottom like most of them that are sold. This washes well and did not shrink after washing. For the Summertime I just love to see children dress in a nice pattern of clothing and this does that for the parent when taking the child out into the public.

I got this one in 12 months for my grandson to wear for his nighttime sleeping on his Birthday. For my grandson he sweats a lot when sleeping and just want to keep him cooler and protected while sleeping. This fit him a little bit big but he is not a larger framed child for his age. He will be one year of age this month so it does have room for him to grow into and still get some wear.

Fiream gave me this onesie for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.