Bath Bombs

You get a set of 6 bath bomb that fizzled in the bath but give much need relieve from sore tired aching legs, back and the entire body into the bath. I think we shower so much and take the relaxing out of the act and now this should make you want to get back into bathing/soaking more. This is especially nice for me when I do my Spa day for me at home this just sets the mood and lets me relax but after I get out I then pat dry my skin and just see the deep moisturizers left deep into my body.

How I use my bath bombs is to place them into the water some 5 minutes before and let it fizz then once I am in the bathtub then I finish adding in the water. After using get out I notice that I don’t need as many essentials oils applied to my body because my skin feels, looks and is refreshed.

With using the bath bombs it does not matter which ones you can the results from She Butter, Epson salts that leave you with wonderful results.

#Utimi Silicone


Utimi has 7 vibration modes with multiple speed to choose your own level of pleasure.

Comes discreetly wrap for your privacy. Utimi has made a waterproof vibrator that is S-shape for better holding in the hands, it way 4.6 ounces, color is purple and comes that you may charge by USB cable. Instruction is simple and it has a standby mode, long press switch, short press, short press rewind these are just a few of the speeds on this Utimi silicone vibrator.

Utimi silicone vibrator 7 speed for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of product

Calf Compression Sleeve

91CvWka+U9L._SL1500_ (1).jpg

For me, health is key in doing my daily life and I believe that the more I move the better I feel and get. Brinx sleeves are made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex and give you the correct of support to help in maintaining the circulation for you heal from injury.

If you are a weekend athlete or just at home wanting more support, then you have reached the seller and product together.

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For me personally, I use calf compression sleeves daily once I start my day. I usually place them on in the morning and don’t remove until evening. For me swelling is what I struggle with and need help on, the sleeves compress my legs allowing my swelling to slight and at other times giving support and I do my exercise to help with my balance. I find that when the calf compression sleeves are on I see the great improvement with my legs.

Brinx Athletics gave me these calf compression sleeves for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Trigger Point Massager



This works for me! When I first got it I thought this will not do a thing for my pain, WRONG. For me, I have used creams and soaking in essential oils to get relieved but with this deep tissue pressure and rub it down my arm just a few times I thought I would cry from the first downward motion but as I felt the pains being less and less each time I continue.

The first time using it you feel the pain the next time just some tenderness in the spots. For me, this helped most when I used it after soaking in the bathtub and then using it. You will see and mainly feel the difference after a few uses. Remember this is working out those knots what cause pain and making them smaller for more circulation to happen then it relieves the pains.

This deep tissue pressure trigger point massager will help with any part of the body with ease.

Disclosure: MEILI gave me this deep tissue pressure trigger point massager for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

Hipster Men’s Comfort Shoe

Men’s sneakers don’t come like ladies so far my son I ordered a half size larger for them to fit him, I was correct and they fit just as we expected them to fit. They are stylish and can be dressed down with jeans or shorts to give a man a classic look of being in the stylish. The color I purchased for my son was brown and this color can go with many outfits for a man.

For me, I gave this 5 stars for style, color, and qualities of the shoe.

Disclosure: Bells & Whistles gave me this pair of shoes for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the shoes.

#REYLEO Backpack

REYLEO has a good design backpack that can be used by children, adults or moms who carry baby items for short trips.

Regularly around the house, I carry my laptop which is 13-inch screen and my IPad around and need something secure and safe. After all, everything I need and do is inside the bag. For me the laptop is key and the security that is given to the back of the bag is key for me. I have room on the inside of the bag to place cords and wireless mouse as well. On the outside pocket, I store items like my keys or medications that I need to take later in the day.

The outside pocket that I described above has a pleat on the side that allows for even more storage for softer items. It also has dual zippers for the opening. Zipper are well made and stretch to the size of what you store inside.

Going the back of the backpack you have straps that are adjustable and well-padded to help when lifting. The straps have shoulder straps that are the cushion to help shoulder and it has adjustable straps that can secure the backpack.

On the top of the backpack is my favorite it is the straps that fit well in your hand when using the straps. What I do is make the back straps smaller and then use the handles so the straps will not get in the way. What is another important part of this backpack by REYLEO is the bottom it is very wide and the backpack can stand with more in and allows more storage.

IMG_5725.JPGFor me, this is a win-win bag. I usually don’t carry my purse around the house and this makes it easy for me when I pick up the laptop and other items and can now throw the wallet in just in case I go out of the house.

Also, another I like about the bag is that is water-resistant and can be wiped off easily with just a damp rag.

REYLEO as listed can be used for either camping, touring, home use, baby trips, day trips or just around your living space.

Ultra Sharp Compact Premium

When I am in the kitchen cooking all of the tools that I need should be within my reach and I just love these scissors for cutting chicken, fish or any other kinds of meats in the kitchen. For me, my tools are an extension of myself and should help me to be me when cooking.IMG_4441.JPG

We made a stir fry and I used my scissors to cut up the vegetables and fry them, it was nice having a pair of scissors that were sharp enough to do the job when cooking. Later we took chicken breast and cut them into tenders for frying these scissors did a nice job and or the family favorite to go to now.  They are lightweight in your hands and they are described as compact and I will agree to that statement about the Bakewell shears. Must hide my scissors from my family.

Bakewell gives a 100% money guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the UltraSharp Compact Premium Quality Kitchen Shears.

Bakewell gave me these scissors for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the scissors.


12-Pack KEURIG Water Filters

Keurig 2.0 water filters are a must have for your machine.

Removal of the filters is simple and easy just go to the water reservoir and pull out the plastic part that holds the filter bring it out and then unclip where the filter attaches to the bottom part and then take out the old filter and place in the new filter. img_4186Simple and easy to me. Usually, I place a filter 3 every three months or so depending on the use of the Keurig 2.0 with my family.

K & J Products deliver to me 12 individual wrapped Keurig filters that can be store away until using with having to worry if where you store could or would get water, I think that is a great idea. My Keurig systems do remind when to replace but that varies as stated before, “depending on the usage”.   Anyone that knows me, knows that my Keurig machine is my best friend each time I use it and want that same flavor each time I get my cup of brew so these filters to me are the key to keeping me happy and my machine happy as well.

K & J Products gave me these filters for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the filters.





Bar Accessories #BarSet

We are a hit at the Summer parties with this Bar Accessories set from G&Z Online Marketing.  What don’t you have that you need with the kit? I think everything is

This made of quality materials in my opinion and it mixes the drink just right per my guest, which makes me happy when we are entertaining. Each item in the set has a nice feel when using it to make the drink. This makes making a drink fun for you guess, which to me is part of being a guest’s bartender. This can be used as a gift or just to include in your bar set.

This is an easy clean up it is made of stainless and can be washed off and placed on your drying rack and when it dry’s you can place back into your bar until next use. Inside of the bar set you get from G&Z Online Marketing online recipes for you to try for yourself or guests. Almost forget 10 drink stirrers for you to use when making a fabulous drink.

We are the household to we can make a great drink from our online recipes.