Portable Wireless Speaker

Super Bass Bluetooth Portable Wireless is a great speaker to have for that quality sounds that you want while working, playing or just around the house.

This speaker has passed the DrNaNa (a nickname give to me by one of my friends because is now a Doctor and that I am now a grandmother as well) test and by that I mean my grandson I made the mistake of having this to close to the edge of my desk and my year-old grandson had it in his little hands and just throwing it to the ground before I knew what he was doing but his speaker it like a CHAMP!61rif7yb-hl-_sl1000_

The sounds are very good for this device. What comes with this speaker is a USB cable that is connected to the Lin-in Audio Cable handy to have them together and of course the instruction on how to pair a device. For me, paring was made for people like me who want to do things for yourself and not always ask someone else to help you. Pairing was just turning on the Bluetooth to my computer and it the device told me that pairing was the success. What else could be so easy to do? But getting back to the sounds the Bass is nice but I love to hear audio books and this help with that as well overall this is a device that can be paired with iPhones, IPAD, Samsung or any other device that you wish to have sounds.

 ND Looking for smart ideas gave me this Supper Bass Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of this product.


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