Weight Loss Detox Slimming the Body Wrap

Victoria Featherlight has a different kind of detoxifier for the skin. As I am losing weight I notice that my skin is sagging and note as firm before weight loss.

Cellulite is stubborn and difficult to remove with the Victoria Featherlight Detox Body Wraps it is something that you include into the weight loss process.  May I suggest that you use this for a month or so and see your own personal results. I have been using my Victoria Featherlight Detox Body Wrap and I will not say that I have not been working on this part of my body is getting better. My vein in my right leg is up and look very close in my belief of bursting and causing me problems. I use this on that leg to see if I could see any difference.

Yes, I am right it help with the vein and now I don’t see it up a looking large and puffing. To me, that is working and I notice that my leg is down ¼ in measuring after using the Victoria Featherlight Detox Body Wrap for two sessions two last week and two this week. For me, my weight is hurting my legs the most.  I drank more water in these last two weeks then I had before and hope that would help in the process and it has helped but, I know that I did not get the weight off in one or two treatments.

This Victoria Featherlight Detox Body Wrap is different from other kits and the packets that come with this kit are outstanding and that is where I like this a lot. A little messy but I am okay with that. The price of this kit is great and the wraps are just the good in helping the process of weight loss.

Victoria Featherlight gave me this detox kit for free or at a discounted price.


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