URPOWER Cell Phone Lens

With this attachment, it has made my pictures taking an art and now a pleasure for me when doing them for my reviews.

Nestsun is selling a device that is easy to attach the rubber clip and make sure that your phone is kept in tip-top shape. But what you really get is a tool that will help make items come to life and you will see items in a truer form. This will work on any phone from Apple to Samsung. What you are getting is a Macro lens that is 1.18-1.96 inch. And a wide-angle lens that will allow you capture the beauty around us all.51R-rvbjUML._AC_SR160,160_.jpg

What you get in this kit is the following for you to know: a wide angle lens, magnification of 1.45X, diameter 1.97 and the length of 1.49. Macro Lens, magnifications up to 10X, object distance 1.1, diameter up to 1.57, length 0.43, black and weight around 6.98 oz., you 1 wide angle lens, 1 Macro lens, 2 Lens covers, 1 thread clip, 1 microfiber cleaning. This is a kit that you will love and carry with you for those special events.51r-rvbjuml-_ac_sr160160_

Nestsun LLC gave me this kit for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.


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