100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Once you learn the benefits of essential oils you will not see how you did so long without having them in your life. For me personally, I try every natural thing I can to keep my body functioning on its own without medications. Still learning more about which ones do what with the body is key and may I suggest this method or methods for your body. Since doing essential oils I have the changes in my body both inside and outside.img_5032

What you get is a 4 oz. bottle of Heavenly Pure’s Essential oils and a dropper that is inside for removing the oil. I am a sinus suffer but with my diffuser and the oils they have been once this year for me and that is PLUS-PLUS. In the past, I have sinus pressure from headaches to eyes and anything in between for me. Essential oils have been a help in getting my body to work as one.

Currently, as I am writing this review we have fluid on my grandson’s ears and the whole house has Eucalyptus going to help with his breathing and relieving the pains in his inner ear drums. No infection but he is teething as well and we are trying and seeming to help with the matter. I will keep updated on the progress with this.img_5033

Heavenly Pure gave me this bottle of Eucalyptus Essential oil for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.


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