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If you have every been out and had no power, you understand the feeling of loving to stay in contact with other then you know the feeling of needing power at all times with your device.


I have an iphone 6 and like the way the BSWHW case go on around my phone nothing difficult to do just take the top of the 3500 mAH off and then place the phone inside and let it touch to the bottom of the case. This attachment will make you phone a little larger and power with happen right away to the phone. If you need a charge anytime after that just plug your device into to your cable and it will charge as well until you remove it from the charger. This also has a stand on the back of cover at the top of the case you can stand the phone up when viewing movies on your device. My case that I got came in white and my phones outside is white as well so from the pictures I just used the case to show you how well this device is made and the job it will do for you.


BSWHW gave me this case for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.IMG_5297.JPG


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