Military Grade Tac

Your household like mine? When you need a flashlight you cannot find one and when you do it does not work for various reasons. When all is said and done you need light to see. img_5356Seeing is not the only problem but you must see well and this Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant Military Grade is just what I have upgraded to for both reasons, to see and see well.

The Flashlight Water Resistant Military Grade flashlight is what you need in the home for those times when things are dark and you need light right now.

The Flashlights have five modes and a zoom in function which is what I need when I am trying to find that toy for grandson and he just lost it under the couch and I need to stop the crying to have my ears back. The light from the Flashlight Water Resistant Military Grade flashlight gives that brightness along with the durability of the flashlight.IMG_5351.JPG

This comes two in a pack and you will love the fact the batteries last longer. For this review, I used the flashlight for several days and it lasted I would say that day two I notice that things were getting dimmer and by day three it was almost dead. So if you are like me and place the flashlight in the drawer until you need it then this is perfect for you. I like this part that the flashlight fits well in my hand and has straps to attach to my wrist in case of an emergency. So I emergency kit has one of these insides along with the other essentials.


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