Abdominal Waist Trimmer by KarbTech Neoprene

This I order for myself to help with my stomach I saw that it came up to a size 40 my waist currently is around 36-38 depending on the day.

Upon opening the box which was delivered to me in two days from ordering and package with plastic bubbles on the inside of the box not damage the product. You will find that the belt is thin with a Velcro side that let’s the belt go snuggle around the person and inside is a measuring belt that let’s you measure yourself before using and after using. The thinness of the belt let’s you wrap around the waist securely. I like the fit it is tight but too tight I can breathe with it and I can sit with the belt as well.81nUls0oT4L._SL1500_.jpgI am noticing that as I move I can feel sweating happening which is good and I am stopping to measure myself as well. After stopping and getting back to this review I lost a quarter inch and I will say this is good for me personally.

KarbTech Neoprene gave me this abdominal Waist Trimmer for free for a fair and unbiased review of the belt.

#review #GotItFree #GotADdiscount


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