Coopsion Headphone Case, Enlarge Storage Handset Waterproof Anti-falling Compression Resist Earphone Case

Organization is my thing that I do daily I know I suffer for not (NBATFS) which is Not Being Able To Find Stuff and

that makes my day WRONG.

For me this case came right on time for me I had a pair of large headset that I was always miss placing and getting dust on them.

If you purchased a set of large headphones and need a case that will hold them this is the one to get.

It is large on the inside and has a deep top for you place the headset in after using. What I store in the case are my BOSE headset and to me that is precious cargo inside of this case. I did drop the case and things were okay on the inside. The zipper on this case goes all the way around the case to insure that you item is safe.

Coopsion gave me this Headphone case for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.


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