Cord Piggy Cable Organizer

Simple idea but works for me! When you are finishing with a cord and need place it away for storage you twist the cord one way or another to stick the ends in and let that take care of things but let’s care it that does not always take care of the problem.IMG_5079.JPG If anything that is a small fix or no fix at all for cords. A cord big or small it sometimes a thing that you have placed a rubber band around. Now with the Cord Piggy this is a spiral-shaped cord that goes over the cord and holds the cable in place for safe storing.

I got the large one to and it fits but it will work on any size cord. This is so simple but works.IMG_5078.JPG

This will work on larger cords like gaming cords or computer cords.

Disclaimer: Cord Piggy gave me this Cord Piggy Cable Organizer for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the product.


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