Evian® Facial Spray for beautiful skin all summer long

This is not just water in a bottle/can it is a helper to your own personal helper and lover to your skin.

Evian lets you give the face that you want to present each with a more radiant. I know many will think this is just water but it refreshes to face and leave the moisturize and healthy.


For me this has help when I do my last moisturizer for the night and I sprayed just one time on my face and then use my serum for nighttime. You can feel the product and now I see it around my eyes a face looking better especially around my mouth and eyes. You know aging can or cannot be a friend but help is what you need to do daily and several times a day to keep the effects of aging in my opinion down or slower for you. I find that the results for each person can be slower or faster. Since I had the opportunity to try this I know what and how this company does what it does to educate and let people know that they are not just another product on the shelf.


Evian gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for fair and unbiased review of the product.


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