Koodella Dog Brush for Shedding with Self-Cleaning Button

Grooming my girls is a joy but getting as much of the hair into a bag and not in my vacuum.

This Koodella Dog brush gets deep to the pet’s skin without damaging the pets skin and removes that hair so you can see that beautiful coat of your pet.  My believe is that the handle has an ergonomic grip handle the let’s you hand not work as hard getting to the pet’s coat.IMG_4162

This is my favorite part about this for me it cleans up, you just press the self cleaning button on the back of the brush and the hair goes directly into the bag that you have for trash. My oldest pet “Tippy” does not like this process much but not that she feels that I am not going deep into her skin to remove her hair she now sitting longer so I can get a better cleaning of her coat. For my youngest “Hailee” she does let me getting a little better Deshedding of her coat. So this one is one that I like a lot for my pet’s hope you will too.IMG_4161

Disclosure: Koodella Dog gave me this Deshedding brush for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the DE shedder. This is my own experience with using this DE shedder on my pet’s.


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