Knee Brace – Arthritis Pain Relief

For me since my weight gain I have had trouble with my knees and back I ice both my knees and back daily along with drinking plenty of water. Since getting the brace I have had it on and wanted to know if it fits and works.


Let’s face it when you face on a brace it is tight but not to tight to cut off the circulation. This brace does not do that for me but it does help with supporting the knee and helping with my swelling when sitting. For anyone who gets a brace you must know your own personal relief with the brace. I like it a lot and am wearing it as I am writing this review. It slips on and goes up to my knee and stays there for the most part until I stand and lets it from sitting to standing some adjust must be made in comfort. I only have that one point to make other than that the brace does a fabulous job in making the knee feel better for you.

Since wearing the brace I notice my level of pain from my torn meniscus feel better and not as swollen. For my level of activity is better for me I think because of the brace I am moving more and with less pain. I cannot answer for a runner but I can for a walker this helps to make the pain be less. Let’s face it that is what we want for ourselves as we do our daily activities.

Wuju Fitness gave me this brace for free or at a discounted price for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the brace. This is my own personal results from using this brace on my knee.




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