Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Squeeze-On Dog Flea Control

IMG_4006For my ladies I only try to get the best. I want to try to get as natural for them in products that work but I must remember that can take a little longer to work because there are no harmful contents in the product, I only stated that because I must remember and understand these ideas natural products work and work well for both the pet owner and the pet this is strictly my opinion had to get that in and now that I have this product does a wonderful job.


I have a 120 lbs. part black Lab/Great Dane name Tippy and a 65 lbs. full blooded chocolate Lab both of whom are a subject to many of my past reviews. These two ladies were the subject of this review. I place on the product on both of them and let the results began. I had notice a few marks on Hailee after she came in but I place a few sprays of a natural compound on her and things got clear. Now I used the Natural Pet Easy Defense Squeeze-on and let it do its job.


IMG_4008I have never really seen anything on them but I would rather be safe than sorry I have a grand child and I no mishaps. What I did notice it that Hailee no longer has red spots when she returns from the yard. Hailee just lovers to roller over in the grass. A chocolate Lab thing? I don’t know but she loves doing it. I have not seen red spots on her stomach when she comes in from the yard that is plus. Natural, effect and works.

Only Natural Pet gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for fair and unbiased review of the product.


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