Korean Anti Aging & Moisturizing Facial Mask by Cool & Cool

This is one that I am pleased to report that it does work.

Cool & Cool have a great product that does work even with one application. You will see from video that the mask does go over the entire face with eye socks left out for you to see when applying the mask. It is cool to the face you skin feels alive and full, refreshed and most important the results can be see immediately.

After removing the mask, you skin as everything it needed to feel alive and perk with fullness. When testing this Korean Anti Aging mask, I placed it on my face for 40 minutes and within that time you could feel the mask tightening and restoring the skin. This is a must have for face whenever you can afford this mask. After removing the mask, I wash my face and went to the mirror to see if anything had changed and yes it had my cheeks were bright and around my eyes you could see the results.

The results are instant and skin is moist. I love moisturizing twice daily and drinking the water to hydrate me from the inside with little to no other liquids in my body but with this mask it does so much repairing in just one application.

The seller of the product Cool & Cool made contact with me directly to make sure that my product had arrived and did I have any concerns.

Cool & Cool gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the Korean Anti Aging mask.


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