Car Mount, Aiven&Co Universal GPS

Avien&Co has made a device that will not break after a few uses. The car accessory made by Avien&Co works with any cell phone or GPS that is mounted at the front of the car mounted. This has the ability to move into the position for the driver to see what they need for the trip that they are making. You will not have to reach over and see it the device that you have mounted is stable. With the Avien&Co mounts on the dashboard and the soft plastic that is reusable and removable will hold that phone, wallet, or GPS, iPad or whatever device or drink that you have will stay attached tot the surface.

With this car mount by Avien&Co I tried my own cellphone and place it in the car and drove with the mount in place. I did not see my phone move and it held the phone in place for me to see when I driving. You know many states don’t let you talk with the cell phone in hand and this helps when you stop and need to make the call. You know where you phone is located. Instruction on how to mount and work with this device are located on the back of the box that comes with the phone inside. Inside the box you will receive one silicone piece large that is the base and the one silicone piece that adheres to the face of the metal holder to keep the device in place.

Avien&Co gave me this car mount for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review.


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