Bellemain Fat Separator / Measuring Cup with Strainer & Fat Stopper 4 Cup / 1 Liter Capacity

Anyone who cooks and needs to prepared meals knows the importance of having the right tools for the job of cooking. The Bellemain company has done just that with this fat separator.

My motto is keep it simple for the stupid inside of me, when I am cooking I can get caught up in this going with this and that going with that and loose myself. This is wonderful to me personal in the past I have used two cooking tools. When cooking to strain things I used a strainer and large bowl to do the straining. This is just pour into the top that has a strainer on the top and let the dropping fall down in the cup. The cup is a 1 Liter size that allows the fat to separate from the liquid. I love making chicken and dumplings but I like using the broth fromIMG_3995.JPG the chicken into the dumplings until it boils then I place the dumplings into the rolling broth. I know but my family just likes the dumplings that way. With the Bellemain Fat Separator I can place liquid right into the cup and pour out the broth. Simple and takes a lot of work off of me.

As I said the cup can hold 4 cups or 1-Liter capacity plus the best part for me is this is dishwasher safe, yes that is a hit with me. So for the holiday’s I can use this to separate the broth from the turkey. And another point about this Bellemain Fat Separator is that it is ABS-Free plastic so no hazardous chemicals in to the food that is served to your family.

Perella’s gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for a fair and unbiased review of the fat separator.


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