Coconut Oil Hair Mask – Deep Conditioner

When you first open the container you will love the smell of Coconut that comes from container. Not only does this smell good but also works just great. I have had the chance to just review and try Coconut oil for the skin but this was my first for my dry hair.IMG_2973

This has help to stop some of my breakage along with dryness. My hair is curly and grey but I also color my hair, which too helps to keep things dry when I shampoo, I have tried many products but to me one with Coconut oil along shea butter has help to let the hair regain moisture for better curly and less breakage. For me the instructions suggest that I leave on 5-10 minutes but I took 20 minutes for my first use. I found that after the use I felt better repairing of the hair as with any conditioner it takes time to do the repairing and not just one use. Remember that the damage that you have will and does take time to repair and keep the balance for the hair.

Pure Body Naturals gave me this product for free or at a discounted price for my unbiased review of the Coconut oil. This is my experience with the use of Coconut oil hair mask. Please leave comments and I would to answer the questions about my experience.








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