Maha Bodhi Resonance Tibetan Meditation 5 Inch Singing Bowl for Relaxation and Healing – Rin Suzu gongs


Beautiful is the just one adjective that I can use to describe to you this singing bowl. If you have never done meditation in any form may I suggest to you Chakra.IMG_2927.jpg

Inside of this beautifully crafted box, which is great for storage when you are not using the bowl. The bowl is 5” in diameter and crafted with elegance, the mallet is wood on one end on the other is soft cover end and inside this box is a soft pillow to place this crafted meditation bowl. I had the pleasure of using one of these on one my trips in a friends home and they gave me lesson on how to use the bowl but since getting this bowl I went on Internet to see other instructional videos and writing on how to do this better. Believe me that you should practice this to become better at using the bowl right.IMG_2931.JPG

My video is basic and you will not see me try to do justice in playing this bowl on my video.

You must give this company effort for letting a novice review this bowl and giving it the true justice that it deserves, ”Thank You.”

I received this bowl from Maha Bodhi Products for free or at a discounted price for a fair and honest/unbiased review of the product. This is my experience with this product.IMG_2933




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