Superior Bark Collar

Product Description

Humane effective and easy to use • 7 levels of sensitivity • Rechargeable • Progressively increasing warning sounds • Harmless static stimulus • Easily adjustable nylon collar • Suitable for small to large dogs • 2 color LED Status Lights • Small sprung loaded probes • Suits varying fur thickness • 7 levels of sensitivity • 10 levels of Correction • 400 Hours Standby
– Are you Fed Up with your Dog Constantly Barking?

– You don’t know how or don’t have time to train your dog not to bark.
– Are you getting upset and your dog is getting upset by your shouting?
– Are you scared a Bark Collar may hurt your dog?
Correction Method is only delivered after receiving BOTH Sound and Vibration triggers The Collar Does Not give False Readings like other Collars
– Sound Warning Given Before Static Warning
– 10 Levels of Static Stimulus For Timid to Stubborn Dogs
– Unique Patented Flexible Probes Ensures Good Contact
– No Need to Trim your Dogs Hair
– Auto Shut Off and Auto Reset To Save Power
– 100% Waterproof No need to Remove When Your Dog is Wet
Amazon Buyers Trust The Dog Training Products Brand and we are Sure You Will Too.
100% Customer Satisfaction with our Lifetime Guarantee


RE-View of Superior Bark Collar

My household there is a HAILEE and she can be a terror when we have company and just let people think she will take their skin off when entering.

This has help my family and I did not want to do anything harsh to our youngest pet but we had to do something to manage her in a more human way. So we like the sounds that it gives to let her know that she is not do certain behavior. Our Hailee is now almost three years old and this has been the best change we have seen from her.

IMG_2074.jpgNow that she has been wearing the collar and she is doing the wrong behavior she hears the sounds and most of the time she knows what to do. I say most of the time but we only have had a few times that she did not do it correctly. We now have the collar on most of the time and not just when we have company to change the behavior even more, I must continue using the collar in this manner because I now have a grandson and must make sure that she understands her roles in our lives at all times. Hailee does not seem to care about wearing it now it is whether proof from the elements so that is great and the charging is simple, just use the USB port and click the charger in place. It usually takes a few hours for a complete change but that last around a day or two depending on your use of the collar.

My Hailee is around 65 lbs. and a Chocolate Lab, which let’s you know that I am helping to change a behavior in a Lab, which is great for my family and me.

The Superior was given to me for free for a fair and honest review of the collar.


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