Back and Body Loofah + Free Pad

– Loofah Back scrubber + Free Pad
– 100% ALL NATURAL LOOFAH MATERIAL. Great for dry, rough skin. Acne and eczema. Remove stubborn dirt and stimulate blood flow. Easy to reach any part of the body and apply the right pressure. Opened pores will release dangerous toxins and prevent acne IMG_2719breakout.
– Extra long 42×4 in. loofah provides the most comfortable exfoliating experience. No more bending out of shape to reach the other end. With the Best Loofah, you get two kinds of scrubbing: one develops a rich cleansing lather while the other exfoliates for a deeper clean.
– Reinvigorate and rejuvenate your skin. Get the spa treatment every time from the comfort of your own home. You’ll feel the difference during the day.
– The loofah surface is durable and long lasting, and it will provide an effective scrubbing surface that is safe for all skin types.


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Showers are a time of relaxation and just taking better care of yourself and always leaving my back out of this special time.IMG_2721.JPG

For me the extra long loofah made placing this in your hands and just rubbing back and going back and forth with removal of anything is now better. I noticed that since using I do not have the desire to rub my back against the wall or asking someone to rub or place more oils on now. This is a plus for me the hand loofah is one that you will like to body bath oils or liquid soap. This helps to get down to the skin and releasing a layer of skin in opinion.

I received the Back and Body Loofah for free for an honest review of the product.




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