Scented Moroccan Argan Oil


Improve your Hair, Skin, and Nails with ONE single Product

Pure Moroccan Argan oil for Hair, Skin and Nails from Olbers & Olbers
– Helps protect skin and hair against damage
– Creates a brilliant shine without residue
– High levels of vitamin E, F, antioxidants and essential fatty-acids resulting in anti-ageing effects and beautiful healthy skin
– Improves dry skin conditions, helps reduce stretch marks and scar size
– Easily absorbed therefore promoting healthy and natural growth of nails (reducing manicure/pedicure bills)

Make your Hair, Skin and Nails look and feel lovelier in minutes

– Apply to dry, damaged and brittle hair to moisturize and nourish

– Apply to the face and body to maintain healthier skin

– Use on a daily basis to revive hair, nails and skin

– May be used on wet or dry hair


– Simply apply a few drops morning and/or night to face and neck areas after cleansing
– Allow product to completely absorb before applying any make-up
– Apply on any part of part of the body
– Massage a few drops daily to condition nails and cuticles
– Use our Argan oil regularly to leave hair and skin looking young, healthy, strong and radiant

African Liquid Gold from O&O
– Pure Argan Oil (99% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, 1% Natural Lavender scent)
– AB/USDA Certified Organic
– Not tested on Animals


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