AMIE Finery 3 4 Sleeve Tunics for Women Luxury Tunic Top EYE Catcher


SLIP INTO QUALITY: Made using 95% rayon and 5% spandex, you will feel the quality as soon as you slip into one of these supremely comfortable tunic tops. Designed by the pros at Amie Finery in Los Angeles, these tunics for women boast a breathtaking variety of colors perfectly tailored

Under the arm area

to become an integral part of your wardrobe.

WEAR WITH ALL: We designed these tunics to be incredibly versatile, so they will work just as well with leggings as they will as a standalone short dress – depending on your personal style and the time of year. Wear them with a belt for a more formal, slim look or by themselves for a casual, flowing fit.

GREAT FOR YOUR SHAPE: The trick to designing a world-class women’s clothing top is to make sure that it looks and fits amazing on women with a wide range of body types. This mix of rayon and spandex doesn’t bunch up or cling to your waist. Since the material conforms to your body shape, you’ll enjoy unparalleled freedom of movement. It’s the ultimate combination of comfort, diversity and style.

BEHOLD YOUR CENTERPIECE: Equally at home in a sharp, classy outfit with a skirt and heels or an informal arrangement with or without leggings, these 3/ 4 sleeve tunic tops are up to any wardrobe challenge. With four colors specifically selected to work the best with the widest IMG_2597.jpgrange of outfits, you’ll find that a few of these tops go a long way.

GUARANTEED DURABILITY AND COMFORT: At AMIE Finery, we’re serious about quality clothing. So if you find that these tunics aren’t to your liking in any way, we’ve made it a snap to request a full refund in just a few clicks. We’re also happy to exchange your garment if you notice any kind of defect. Plus, buy two or more AMIE Finery products for yourself or a loved one and get 10% off! Add a few to your cart today, and see for yourself how Amie can elevate your wardrobe.


Re-view of AMIE Finery 3 4 Sleeve Tunics for Women Luxury Tunic Top To Wear With Leggings


Love this top I did get a lot of compliments as when I wore this top. It is made with either the slimmer or curvy you in mind.

When I order I got mine in a XXL for my lower part of my body, which is curvier. When I first place the top on the material was soft more like a pajama feel. Then when I saw my curves in the top I please the top neckline is youthful and stylish, shoulders are design I think for you if you are taller or shorter. Length is my selling point for me it covers over my curves and let me not worry about the top being to short.IMG_2603

Washing for me was in cold water gentle cycle and low heat when I dried and it came out perfect from the first wash now on my fifth wash so if you notice I love wearing this top out for others to see and ask questions. Ladies on the plus side even my family gave me a question or two about the top which is a good thing for me that they are noticing my outfits when I dress, a good thing if you are a mother, grandmother or sister, daughter someone is noticing.

I got these AMIE Finery ¾ tunics at a discounted price for a fair and honest review of the tunic.


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