Exinoz iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 Cat Case [Limited Handmade Edition]

A T P:

Precisely Engineered for the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6

Special Handmade Edition

Unique Workmanship — Each Case is Different and Handcrafted with Care

Easy Access to Your Cash or Credit Cards. Easy Card Scan for Subway (e.g. MTA) and Metro Systems. No need to take card out.



Review of Exinoz iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 Cat Case [Limited Handmade Edition]


Pets lovers will love this case especially Cat lover will just be delight when you make this purchase. For me this case could have only been even better if it has been of Labs, which I am a proud grandmother of three girls.

To me this case if ideal for Mother’s and busy mothers as they head out the door with purses, keys, baby bags and whatever it needed to make the go on and stay balanced.

The case has slots on the side that would hold credit cards, medical ID and money for purchases. One more thing it has and that is a handle strap that would let you keep the case close and know where are when need. I also like the gold metallic, which give it the ability to be use to either dress up or down an outfit.

I got the Exinoz iPhone case for free for a fair and honest review of the case.

Product Warranty Please check Amazon website when purchasing.



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