Doctor’s Choice Probiotic

This is the product I am reviewing.

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Doctor's Choice Probiotic

Probiotic Supplement — Doctor’s Choice: 12 Super-Strain Probiotics – 60 – 300 mg Veggie Caps 1 X Per Day – Contains Living Robust Intestinal Flora Strains — Acid &amp; Bile Resistant – Has A Patented &amp; Trademarked Human Strain Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
Our probiotics don’t need special capsules, coatings or gels to protect them, they are strong enough to out compete &amp; replace bad flora without chemicals or mystery ingredients. How will a probiotic take over an E. Coli or Strep overgrowth if it’s not even strong enough to survive your digestive tracts own acid &amp; bile? Our Vigorous, Rugged flora strains are strong enough to out compete the bad guys, but are gentle enough for the most sensitive stomach &amp; are safe for men, women, and children.

This product and our specific combination of bacterial strains was created by a holistic physician with over 20 years experience. It is not a generic formula. Dr. Moore worked directly with the best probiotic lab in the country to specifically utilize the strongest probiotic strains available in the perfect proportions. Our Probiotic will proliferate throughout the entire digestive tract, even into the large intestine — helping you to feel light, clear &amp; vibrant.

We are not selling a probiotic as some magical cure all, but as an important piece to creating optimal health. Each bottle comes with a FREE Nutrition E-book by Dr. Moore that has everything you need to know about healthy diet, &amp; healing your digestive tract, plus sensible food recipes, juicing recipes, cleansing/detox instructions and a list of common digestive ailments and other natural supplements you can use to help heal yourself. Imagine how good you will feel when your belly is flat, gas free, and having healthy bowel movements!

Doctor’s Choice Probiotics, the “good” bacteria that perform important functions for digestive, immune, &amp; metabolic systems. They produce enzymes that digest food, regulate vitamin uptake &amp; produce nutrients. Balancing intestinal flora alleviates indigestion, inflammation &amp; bloating. Improve digestive strength, mood, speed fat loss &amp; reduce allergies. Fatigue &amp; irritability can be from poor nutrition – probiotics create a microenvironment that promotes nutrient absorption, to help you feel happy &amp; energetic.

Review of Doctor’s Choice Probiotic

Let’s just place this out here for all to know when you cannot eliminate correctly or completely you are sicker than sick. It is poison inside of the body that simply must make it way out of the body and this is where you need a probiotic to help with this process. For me this one I thought at first was just away to get something else inside of my body that I did not need or want. This statement has been reversed and corrected on my part. I notice that without the probiotic the elimination is not complete and I feel stuffed and uncomfortable in my body.

Since using the probiotic I notice I sleep better because I am not bloated and inside feel calmer and digestion is much better and now I notice when I am FULL and that is key with me.

So if you are waiting to try a Probiotic please don’t wait just try one but especially the Doctor’s Choice Probiotic it comes in a brown glass bottle to protect the inside ingredients.  You have really nothing to lose in just trying a bottle of this great Probiotic.

I received this product for a fair and honest review of the product.

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