Type C, USB.GURU™ 6.6 Ft (2M) Flat Nylon Cable


Data transmission and charger two-in-one

Reversible Connector: Special reversible Type-C to reversible USB A Male design helps you insert the connector in a right way all the time.

Designed for OnePlus 2, Apple New MacBook 12 Inch, Nokia N1, and other devices with Type C connector

Special durable nylon formula prevents cable damage and minimizes electromagnetic interference

IMG_2223.jpgSupports up to 2.4A fast charging technology and speed of data sync up to 480 Mbps



Review of Type C, USB.GURU™ 6.6 Ft (2M) Flat Nylon Cable with Reversible Connector for New MacBook 12 inch, Chrome Book Pixel, Nexus 5X/6P, Nokia N1, OnePlus 2, Other Devices with Type C USB, Frosted White

This cable is top of the line in quality and you will find that is works as well as it looks.

I just purchase a new Kindle Fire a was right on target. I must hide it from my one of my family members because their android phone seems to charge better with this cable.

This cable is wrap in a small plastic box and a red rubber string to keep it all in place. Also it was flat as well letting you know that it can take the pressure of being plugged in and out. To me this seems to power up my Kindle faster than it had with the one I got with it.

I got this cable for free for a fair and honest review of the Type C cable.





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