Cloud9 Blemish Control Moisturizer

About The Product:

STOP THE EMBARASSMENT 2 powerful botanicals kill acne-causing bacteria better than benzoyl peroxide

CLEAR YOUR SKIN NOW for mild to severe cystic acne and scars; fights the 4 known causes of acne to work FAST – even overnight.

ALL AGES Safe for tween to adult acne. Works without AHAs or salicylic acid (a chemical peel), harsh chemicals, photosensitivity, red, peeling, flaking

CONFIDENCE TO FIT IN stop excess oil and break the acne hormonal chain that leads to acne.

SPECIAL INVENTORY CLEARANCE for new fragrance 30+-day supply. Concentrated acne cream is a spot treatment and daily moisturizer to Clear and Prevent Acne.



Cloud9 Blemish Control Moisturizer

For me my skin has never been my problem when I was younger but now I notice that after a soda or sometimes certain foods my skin in the thing that suffer, I don’t know if a medication is the problem as well. So when I see one of those on my face I now turn to my Cloud9 blemish control and it helps to get things back in order for my skin.

On my first application I notice the smell and it was not overcoming but refreshing to my nose. For a blemish product it was great I have smelled things that left you with the medicine smell but this is not like that. With one application on a breakout on my cheek I noticed that things got right in control from a few sodas and blemish was gone. To does and me this works well a great job the tube I got was one ounce but it lasted me for around 28 or 30 days. A little does lot with this product.

I got the Cloud9 Blemish Control Moisturizer for free for a fair an honest review of the product.


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