Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & Android

Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & Android

Looking for that Selfie stick that powerful and there for you

when you need to take the picture? This is the ONE. I know there are many Selfie sticks out there but you have never seen a mini do the job of a large Selfie stick. This one goes with you I mean everywhere. The size allows it to allows it to fit right into the purse for easy access and it can be placed right inside a man’s coat pocket. You will never again leave behind this one. It works on both androids and apple phones so no excuses in my book for not having this for all occasion.

I received this product for free for my fair and honest review.


Product Description

Selfie Stick – Lightest & Smallest [Battery Free] Monopod Fits in Pocket – New 2015 Design for iPhone and Android Phones (Black)


At only 7.3 inches (fully-retracted) & 4.5 oz., this retractable mini monopole is so small & lightweight it fits conveniently in your pocket, purse, shoulder bag or glove box so it’s always handy to use for great self-portrait photos.

Versatile monopod is remote controlled using your smartphone’s ear bud jack, so there’s no need to rely on Bluetooth connections or charging batteries.
Easy setup – Plug ‘n play operation – No app required – Works right out of the box with any iPhone model (5, 5s, & 6) or Galaxy (s3, s4, s5 & s6) or other Android smartphone.
Holder rotates 270 degrees so you can snap photos easily from a variety of angles without having to hold the monopod in an awkward position.
Extendable pole can snap photos from over 2 feet (28.3 in) away, making it perfect for fantastic large group or over-the-crowd shots in tight spaces. Non-slip handle & wrist strap lets you hold the pole securely while you snap your picture.




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