PikStik (Compact Folding Selfie Stick)

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Product Description

Most users agree, the PicStik will increase your Selfie skills by taking incredible looking pictures from angles you could never reach before. No more arm fatigue! No more asking strangers to take your picture. Start having fun with your new Selfie experience!
Convenient, compact and durable. Folds to under 6″ to fit in your pocket, on your belt, or even in your purse! Perfect for the adventurer, thrill-seeker or casual photo enthusiast. The PicStik is designed to be the most portable Selfie stick on the market.
Don’t want to exclude anyone from the group photo? The PicStik by Great Gadgets Inc. is designed to extend up to 3 feet to ensure everyone gets in the photo. No wobble or bend at full extension. Great for parties! Makes taking pictures immensely easier and more fun!

Tired of poor lighting or want to take photos at night? The PicStik has a sliding mirror so you can use your phone’s front camera and flashes and still see yourself in the frame!

Review of PikStik (Compact Folding Selfie Stick)

Selfie sticks are a new thing that is taking holds of my ages of people I have had the pleasure of using my stick with family for various gathering. What can you say except that it works and give others in pictures with leaving someone out?

I received this product for fair and honest opinion about the PikStik.

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