Soft Silicone Slow Feed Dog Bowl-Review


Color: Blue  | Size: Large

The Secret to A Healthy DogWe at My Lucky Pets have been working very hard to bring you the highest quality

slow feed dog bowl so your pet can enjoy the thrill of the chase from this exciting feeder for many happy years to come. To do this we have set up an exclusive agreement with the highest quality silicone manufacturer that we could find to build us these bowls using the purest quality food grade silicone.SAFETY

-Studies have shown a 15% increase in the risk of Bloat from fast eaters. Among dog’s who get Bloat it is 30% fatal. Lucky Pets Slow Feed Bowl has been proven to help slow down eating and reduce the risks and potentially fatal harm that can come from your pet’s own appetite!
-Silicone has proven to be the safest and most reliable material available. Don’t worry about the long-term damage that can come from a dog frantically trying to get food from a hard plastic bowl. Instead feed your pet the FUN way with a long lasting, easy cleaning soft silicone bowl.

We use this bowl for all of our own dogs here at My Lucky Pets. We are so sure you will be happy with our product we will offer a full 30 day, no muss, no fuss, no questions asked guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason contact us and we will refund your purchase!

FDA Approved
-Food Grade Silicone
-Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
-Fun and Interactive
-Easy to Clean

Review of Soft Silicone Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Lady is my middle dog and she always eats to fast for me I am afraid will make herself sick when eating.

I got one of the best tools IMG_0664for me to work with her in this area. Lady 6 ½ years old and a Yellow Lab, I totally love my four-legged babies and simply want what is good for them.

This is a design that I think should be introduced to the pet earlier in life this one took a minute for lady to get use to but when she knew I had place the food inside you she had no choice but to get ready to eat her dinner and she did but it took her longer which was good to me. She did chock a few times because everything was dry and not moisture.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review.


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