12 Hole Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

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Do you worry about Link riding a Loftwing

Do you wish you could catch an updraft with your Sailcloth

Do you know anyone who’s traveled to the Silent Realm

Heard of Fi, dungeons, dousing, sheikah stones

If any of this sounds familiar you’ve found the Legend of Zelda collectors or fans dream! This is the Best 12 Hole Ocarina on Amazon.

Ronna shared “I was NOT disappointed! This Ocarina of Time is well made”


–&gt; Features: *Handcrafted and tuned

*High Quality

*Kiln-Fired Ceramic Musical Instrument

*12 Hole831f99fd5ba55ad44b2508b80f0282b200354b7bs

*Pitch: A4-F6 including sharps and flats

An easy to learn piece which can be mastered in a short period of time, with the ability to spend years improving your technique, discovering new scales and harmonies. The Ocarina is the perfect instrument to practice techniques and articulations, rhythms, speed development, precision, note transitions and different musical styles.

What’s in the box?

*One 12 Hole Ocarina

*One Instruction booklet delivered electronically attached to the shipping confirmation email

Not a cheap plastic knock off!

–&gt; Read what our customers are raving about:

Alicia “I have had so much fun playing with this. It was super easy to pick up and play. I did not have any problems figuring it out. Whether you want it for decoration or an actual instrument it is pretty cool.”

Melissa “This is so much fun! I actually got this for my husband (who is a huge Zelda fan!). When it arrived, I was super impressed.”

Review of CLD Brands Hand Tuned Ocarina of Time – Bonus Player’s Guide


Never been a lover of games but this CLD Brands is simply beautiful and I am happy to be reviewing now.

I had no idea that this was a playing instrument when I got it but the younger children around me knew all about this one and I had to ask please don’t touch.

I did research on this one and found that is goes back to a 12,000 years instrument that had a game developed all around this instrument It is “The Legend of Zelda from a 2011 or 2012 release of this game for Nintendo and when believe it or not 3D was developed.

CLD ocarina is handcrafted to make sure that you 12-hole ocarina is as authentic as possible. It is elegant in design to me but more important this plays a beautiful tune took me a few days but I can play the first two tunes almost by heart.


If you have a true gamer in you life then they will know all about this one but to me it a crafted instrument and will be treasured by me. Also included is an eBook but it does come with a small book inside to get you started. This is a more of a flute sound to me but you may think something different.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review.

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