Premium Apple Slicer, Apple Corer by Trendy Cooks

Product Description

Apple Slicer & Corer Premium Bundle

Slice with Ease Today!

– Do you find it difficult cutting apples?

– Have you ever cut or damaged your finger?

– Are you struggling to cut your slices evenly?

Introducing the Trendy Cooks Apple Slicer to Put Your Life at Ease!

– Strong and easy grip for comfortable use
– Slices apple evenly, removes the core
– Safe to use, never cut your fingers again!
– 8 stainless steel blades

– Dishwasher safe
– Comes with cleaning brush and bag to keep it safe

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Trendy Cooks Brand to be Premium Quality Products.

If The Above Was Not Enough, You Also Have Our 1-Year Product Warranty!

Review of Premium Apple Slicer, Apple Corer by Trendy Cooks Offers Big Comfortable Grip and Safe to Use, Also Suitable for Tomatoes, Potatoes & Other Fruits, 8 Stainless Steel Blades, Dishwasher Safe, Slicer Comes with Cleaning Brush and Bag, Slice With Ease Today

This is a keeper for those of us who have children, grandchild and etc., and you don’t like the mess they leave behind with cutting an apple then you are in for a treat with this apple slicer from Next Gen Products.  Okay I say my three P’s again, packing, presentation and product.  


The packing of the product is great they place in a nice box with details of what the product and will do once you have it in household. Secondly presentation and this is where I feel in love with slicer. Sturdy, strong slicer has handles that are black and red for a better holding I think. The blades are share so not for children and you get a clean cut this one push down on the handles. Third, the company gives you a storage away bag after clean up of the cutting of the apples. Well make made for home use but I think this be used in both the home and professional establishments.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review.


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