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Med OClock, the smart pillbox, sends you reminders so that you never forget which medication you should be taking next. Use it for yourself or for people you are taking care of.


  • – Easy to set-up. You can simply set-up recurring reminders for all your medications.
    – See your medication reminders in one quick glance from the main home screen.
    – Send your list of medications to medical personnel by email with a quick-access button.
    Add an emergency contact that you or anyone else can reach with a simple tap of a button.
    – Set calendar reminders for all of your medical appointments.
    – No need to carry multiple pieces of paper. Have all the info you need on your mobile.
    – Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    – Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all Android devices.

Review of app MedOclock


MedOclock is a mobile app that I had the pleasure of reviewing and would like to say at first I thought, ‘ Oh no”, but I was proven wrong after doing the little things the app ask from you. I take several medication daily and knowing if I took it or not is now gone from my mind and I feel a lot better after several weeks of having this app. I have had competed now three weeks of not missing medication which is why I am feeling better this has help a lot with my health.

This app allows getting information about who to contact in case of emergency. This is great for me since I have a caregiver who is my son this put everything right at his fingers. It lists my doctor and gives when I have taken my last medications. Which is important in those minutes of importance.

Another important feature on the app it this it let’s you know if supplements and your medications will not go together. It gives you details on what you should or not be experiencing with the medication.


This is a great app to have for reminders for medications.


Please if interested in getting this app please go to this website address and follow instructions.


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