Acupressure Tools Set- mat, pillow, eye pillow

– REJUVENATION IN A BAG: Treat your back, neck, and facial tensions simultaneously – balance mind, body and spirit.
– RELIEVE PHYSICAL DISCOMFORTS: treat back pain, neck pain and chronic headache symptoms (migraines), sciatica, insomnia, sore/tense muscles
– WORKS BY: stimulating increased blood flow, increasing endorphins levels –> release pain and tension naturally
– ACHIVE DEEP RELAXATION: great for stress reduction, pain management ** daily wellness routine **
– HOLISTIC APPROACH: great supplement to massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. No appointment necessary.
– ACUPRESSURE PILLOW: Plant based foam supports orthotic curve of neck while pressure points massage trigger points in neck and shoulders.
– MULTIFUNCTIONAL EYE PILLOW: blocks light, lavender scent is calming, silky feel is luxurious. Use heated to dissolve tension, chilled to reduce inflammation
– ACUPRESSURE MAT: generously sized to provide acupressure stimulation to your entire back. Stand on for reflexology.
– COMFORT/SOFT TOWEL: for upper body cover-up when using bare skinned for most effective results.
– DOWNLOAD AUDIO FOR: anxiety relief, stress relief to effortlessly calm down and relax, home yoga practice
– USE WITH SLEEP TIME AUDIO: as sleep aid, sleep better, to fall asleep.


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