The Everything Binder

Many times we go along life not thinking about our final wishes when that time comes and I will come for us think about like this I have it all written down and explained for all is it. This is the product that will all of these matters completed. Once I opened it I was surprise has to how much details were included.

Letting love ones go through this process with any input for you is not good at that time. So why not make this a better situation for all involved.  Let others know what you last wishes were and why is the key to this final journey of life. As a single person and parent, I have expressed some of the thoughts I feel that are critical but letting them know what is available and who they should see to get key details is important.

I too am a “Baby boomer”, and need this completed since I am single and have only one child, many of these matters will be done for my family. Why not have this done? We are a great society with legacy in place and wanting all matters of the heart handled. We do scrapbooking to place all of the pictures with names and who they are, we handle products that handle money matters, so this is a great tool to have in place also.

Amazon link for product is:


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